Cut Complexities With ERP Integration

  • Streamline tedious tasks
  • Keep business organized
  • Make confident decisions
  • Do more - easier
  • Faster, and smarter.

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“Excellent middleware for ERP and eCommerce”

Kendall Ducote

Vice President Technology


“Efficient connection for Bronto email platform & BigCommerce”

Kari Olson

Marketing Manager


“Excellent interface between Acumatica and Magento”

Dale Marcus

Chief Financial Officer

Benefits to boost your brand’s growth


Automate processes and functions across multiple systems.

Custom Work

Eliminate the need for custom point-to-point integrations.

Single Source

Real-time data updation and access at all touchpoints.

Right Track

Respond quickly to sales-related queries and market demand.

Who benefits from ERP Integration?

Every distributor. No, we're not joking.

Cloras was created by keeping every distributor's pain point in mind. So, if you're not a distributor, please stop scrolling and look elsewhere.




Electrical & Security



Gas and Welding Equipment






Enough of these. Not hereafter.

Manual Data Entry

Connect once and let oru middleware do the work for you, so your employees can also focus on revenue building work.

Improper Data

Ensure the sleek and same (updated) data appears at all the touchpoints across the entire value chain of the business.

Delayed Response

Prospects hate waiting. Equip your sales team with the latest data and ensure every query is adhered to, in a quick time.

Have some more doubts?

How long does the integration take?

Depends on the size and scale of your business. If you are a small business, it does not take more than a week. If you are a large enterprise or looking for custom integration requirements, it can take upto 5 weeks on average. But it will be worth the wait. Plus, we don’t make any changes to your existing architecture. It stays as it always was.

How many data points can I connect?

As many you want. No, we are not kidding. Connect all the data points with your CRM or eCommerce and never miss a beat of data. From customer details to order fulfillment processes, ensure every info is updated.

Can you quickly sum up the benefits?

Single integrated system. Streamline business workflows. Eliminate data entry. Single source of truth. Improved access to data. Customer satisfaction. Reduced inventory costs. Take informed business decisions. And more.

You won’t believe how much you are going to save

The numbers don’t lie. See the stats for yourself.

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